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Top destination guide for holidays in Gambia, find tour operators, flights, hotels, and tours in Gambia, all Gambia holiday packages have been arranged to suit your tastes and preferences. There is the section of travel tips from Gambia visa, mileage and travel insurance and so much more.

Gambia is located in West Africa and for any one to travel to such a destination will take approximately 6 hours flight as it is with other EU airports. As matter of fact that Gambia rotates on GTM, tourists can easily get rid of the jetlag. The most important thing to note about Gambia is that it offers cheaper destinations as compared to the Caribbean destinations. The country has about 48 kms of white sandy beaches which you are about to tour and this has led to the development of Tourism in Gambia.

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Gambia Attractions

Find tourist attractions, information on national parks and reserves, when to go, tour operators and booking information.

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Gambia Hotels

Options for accommodation in Gambia, lodges, inns, bed and breakfast, luxury hotels and advise on where to stay.

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Gambia Flights

Find flights to Banjul and other locations in Gambia, cheap airline tickets, arranging your flights as well as airways.

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Gambia Holiday Packages

Since the 1960s, Gambia has been blessed to be the most famous holiday destination. Its characterized with sub-tropical climate with two seasons thus dry and wet. Quite a number of tourists visit the country during the winter months and these are usually between October to February and less from March to May. The best time to visit Gambia is during the rainy season, its believed that its cheaper and any tourist can get access to the beaches because it’s the time when they are less people. For the months of August and September, these are well known to be hot with humidity and can be a problem to your trip.

Depending on what you want, accommodation of any kind is accessible to all tourists. These usually range from lavishness 5 star hotels,1 to 2 star hotels, lodges as well as guest houses. They are located just close to the coastal resorts’ fringes and among these include Kololi and Kotu.

Your can also tour other destinations around West Africa. Morocco holidays will guarantee you real fun experience for the vacation lover, you can also take on Tunisia Holidays as well.

There are quite a number of travel agents offering flights to Gambia, airtickets, airport information and other travel advise.

Gambia Travel Holidays

Gambia as a country offers a lot once you are on a holiday. There are arranged tours to the camel rides at Tanji, dolphine spotting at Jinack Island, a trip to Abuko Reserve and other national parks and finally visit the capital of Banjul. Such places have a lot to eat and drink, for entertainment, nightclubs are open all night long, and other activities may include quadbiking, fishing as well as bird watching. You can as well go for Chimpanzee trekking in Gambia.

Gambia Vacation Tour Holidays

Tourism as a sector has been a benefit to the country for example the Art & Craft market, the beach juice sellers along with the small local tour operators. Tourists who visit this destination usually stay for about 14 days of which they are to spend approximately US$20 on each day. Both lodges and guest houses have limited beds although a lot has to be done to advance the condition. Besides that, there are other lavish accommodation close to the coastal strip although this may be too expensive thus affecting the planned budget.

Gambia Tours

It’s basically the role of tourism authorities to ensure that their industry is well known in the media so as to bring more income to the country. In the ancient times, the tourism of Gambia had experienced a fall back; this was only revived by the new management that was able to set up standard lodges, hotels and guest houses. After all this was put in place, the number of tourists visiting the country has increased over time.  You can combine your holiday with visits for Tanzania holidays Africa in safari tour expeditions or even Rwanda gorilla safari

Facts & Figures Information:
1965, the traditional Djembe performers had a bout 300 tourists who visited the country, later on the figure rose up to 2,500 visitors in 1970s.And up to now, the number has been increasing to over 100,000 each year.


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